My favourite moments to capture on a wedding day

Every wedding day is made up of different parts – getting ready in the morning, the ceremony, the reception, speeches, dancing.  All of these have their own little stories to tell, and these stories are totally unique to each couple. 

As photographers, we experience so many weddings,  you would think they would blur into one – but this is most definitely not the case.  My passion is to find the little quirks of the day, the flower girl pulling faces, the look of love as the groom sees his bride for the first time, or the ecstatic grins on the faces of the newly weds as they walk back down the aisle, cheered by their closest family and friends – this is what keeps us coming back again and again, and what makes wedding photography such a magical experience.

There are so many wonderful moments in a wedding day – some expected, some not-so-expected… Here are a few of my favourites:


Getting ready with the girls.

One of my favourite parts of the day – the feelings of anticipation, excitement and small twinges of nerves as the girls get ready together.   This is time for candid photos of everyone having fun, drinking bubbly and looking forward to the day to come.

Bride Getting Ready

 The kiss

The ceremony is obviously the most important part of any wedding day.  It is that part that every bride and Groom feels at least a few niggles of nerves before.  But then there is the first kiss as husband and wife! It’s a lovely moment we all know, and are waiting for.  It marks the start of a new life together; and more often than not signals a collective sigh as everyone can relax, knowing the important part is done – now it’s time to party!

First Kiss

The happy tears

My favourite kind!!  There is no doubt about it, weddings are emotional, and happy tears from someone almost inevitable… my favourite is when it is the Groom though ;)  NB. Happy tears are contagious and I can’t be responsible for slightly blurry photos at this point! 


The alone time

A wedding day is hectic!! Even the most chilled out days fly by in a blur of joy, laughter, tears, friends, dancing… It is so important to take time out, and spend a few quiet moments with your new husband/wife.  You may want to get back to the party, but savour this time, the photos are always worth it, and it gives you a moment to just enjoy each other.


When the Bride first sees her Groom

As the Bride walks down the aisle towards the waiting Groom, all eyes are on the him.  But turn around and see the raw emotions on the face of the Bride as she sees the man she is going to marry.  It is a moment that makes me catch my breath every time, and I never want to miss it.


The Inbetween moments

These are the photos I am constantly searching for on a wedding day.  Those beautiful impromptu instants that happen in between the big events.  They make every wedding day individual and weave together all of the classic moments, to fully tell the story of the day. 


*Originally posted on Auckland Weddings Blog


**Sue has now relocated back to the UK and is available for weddings and engagement photography around Gloucestershire, South West England and beyond**