8 Reasons to have an Engagement Shoot!

I am sure, during your search for an Auckland wedding photographer, that you have come across the idea of an engagement shoot a number of times!  

Some wedding photographers offer them as an add on for a package, some don't offer them at all, and some include them as standard.  

I fall into the third category, and here are 8 great reasons why I think you should consider an engagement session as part of your wedding photography.


1.  As a great excuse to spend some quality time together.  If you are looking for just one reason to have an engagement shoot, this is probably it!  After you get engaged, life can get pretty hectic.  You are probably busy celebrating with friends and family, dreaming and planning your wedding day, and (if you are anything like me... Pinterest addiction anyone?!!) trawling the internet for venues, flowers, dresses and the rest.  Take 2 hours out of your busy week for yourselves and savour this special moment in your life together.

2.  Explore your creative side.   Your engagement session is a chance to really reflect your personalities in pictures, and to capture your life together as a couple.  Along with your photographer, this is a great time to talk about what you like to do together, where you met, where he proposed... and come up with some fun ideas about where to take your photos.  Every engagement shoot is personal, and this is why I love them! 

3.  Get to know your Photographer.  This is a big one!! Your wedding photographer is going to spend more time with you on your wedding day than any other vendors.  Your photographs are the representation of your whole day, that last long after the flowers have wilted and the hangovers are recovered from!  It is so important you not only get on well with your wedding photographer, but that you trust them to capture your day as you imagine it.  Having a shoot before the wedding is a good way to see how they work, and ensure you are getting photos that reflect you.

4.  Your photographer can get to know you.   Every wedding photographer has a different way of working, and it makes it easier for us both to have had a trial run!  An experienced photographer, is doing more than taking a few pretty shots, they will want to understand who you are as a couple, to create a narrative of your day that suits you.  It also gives us both an opportunity to check your lighting, posing, and editing preferences, so we can plan ahead for your wedding day.  


5.  Get some amazing photos that you can incorporate into your wedding day.  The chances are, you haven't had a professional photoshoot since the dreaded school photos or your uni graduation portraits!!  If you have, well done :)  So now is the perfect chance for you to get some up-to-date gorgeous portraits of the two of you enjoying being together.  For all my engagement shoots, I give you a USB of about 30 photographs.  What you do with these, is limited by your imagination alone...  Use them for your engagement announcement,  print them out for save the date cards, create a stunning personalised guest book, send copies to Mum and Dad so they can show them off to their friends when they tell the story of your engagement... 


6.  Practice for the big day!  Put your hands up if you like having your photo taken... [everyone sits on their hands]  Ok so theres a handful of people who love it, and I love those people... but for the majority of us, myself definitely included, we are just not comfortable with a camera in our faces, or for that matter anywhere near us!  This can be a small issue on your wedding day, when emotions are running on high, things are happening at a busy rate and cameras are being pointed at you left right and centre.  Of course, this is why you hire a professional photographer.  We know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, we can help pose you to look natural and relaxed, and we also know when to stand back and document your reactions to your day.  That being said, the wedding day is undoubtably busy, and when there are fifty things happening at once... its not the ideal practicing situation!  An engagement shoot is intimate, quiet, relaxed and a perfect chance for us to laugh our way out of awkwardness and enjoy being photographed.  

7.  A chance to trial your wedding make up and hair.  Time your engagement shoot with your hair and make-up trials, and you can see how your make up will look in photos.   Most hairdressers will relax your hair into a more every-day style, suited to engagement photos after practicing your updo.  Plus, after being pampered you will feel relaxed and beautiful, the perfect time for photos!

8.  And finally... You'll have amazing photographs!  If having a fabulous time being romantic and loved up with your other half isn't enough, you will get to come away with a collection of gorgeous photographs, that are different to your wedding photos, and that you can cherish for a lifetime.  And what better reason than that?!!


If you would like to learn more about doing an engagement shoot with me, or for any of my wedding photography options, please get in touch.  I would love to chat about your ideas for your day... hello@lovesuephotography.com, or give me a call 0220 237337 x