Advice for Brides and Grooms - Tips for the Wedding Day Morning

There is such a huge build up to your wedding day, and so many expectations of what the day will bring. You wake up on the morning of your wedding excited and nervous, people are coming and going all morning, you have to get to the ceremony on time, but not too early… it is very easy to get overwhelmed!

As a Wedding Photographer, it is easy to say “Just relax”, but as a former Bride-to-be, I totally understand how difficult this is to do! I remember waking up on the morning of my own wedding day, with a churning mixture of emotions going on! I felt giddy and sick and excited all at the same time… I couldn’t even eat the delicious hotel breakfast, (which for anyone who knows me; this is a very unusual situation!!)

So I have been there! That being said, there are a few things you can do, that I found helpful on my wedding day, and some great ideas that I have borrowed from some of my lovely, relaxed Brides.

I hope these help you too :)

Have an early night.

Try and get to bed early the night before your wedding. Have a couple of drinks to celebrate, with close friends and family, but remember the wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint and you really don’t want to be hungover for that marathon!! I found I had so many things going through my mind the night before my wedding, so I would recommend listening to something calming - a podcast, some chilled music or a bit of meditation and mindfulness

Consider where you are getting ready.

Whether you choose to get ready at home, in a hotel, or in the Bridal Suite of your wedding venue; make sure that you are comfortable and the room is relaxing to be in. If you can, visit before the day, so that you know what the room is like. If you are having a lot of people joining you to get ready in the morning, just consider the space available and make sure there is plenty room for you, your friends, and your hair and makeup artists. Also consider how the room might look in your Wedding Photos. Is there good light, is there room for your photographer to move around? Try and keep the area clean and tidy - half eaten sandwiches and clothes all over the floor never make for glamorous wedding photographs, and a tidy space is much more relaxing!


Make sure you have plenty time for hair and makeup.

Speak to your hair and Makeup artists before the day, and if you can, go for a trial to confirm how long your hair and makeup will take. When planning your wedding day timeline, allow a little extra time for things to over run. That way, if they do, you aren’t stressed about being late.


Treat yourself to a pretty gown or silky pyjamas.

Its your wedding day - you want to feel amazing! comfy PJ’s are perfect for a lazy day the day after, but on your wedding day morning, I would recommend getting an outfit that you are comfortable being photographed in, and that makes you feel good!


Lay out your dress, shoes and jewellery.

This allows you to do a final check that everything is there. Hang your dress somewhere, where it won’t get creased and put your shoes, jewellery and flowers, all ready to go. You can do the same for your bridesmaids too. It really helps the photographer to have these important details all in one place, as they can then photograph them without disturbing you. If you are taking a small bag to the wedding with spare make up, keys, perfume etc, then get this ready in advance too.


Light some candles.

Choose a favourite scented candle that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Not only id it lovely to have as you are getting ready, but when you light it after the wedding it will take you back to that morning.


Nominate one bridesmaid to keep everyone organised.

It is really helpful to everyone to have one of your bridesmaids being in charge of keeping the morning under control. Someone who you can trust to liaise with your photographer, the makeup artist, any other deliveries or suppliers who may be popping in. It means that you can sit back and not worry about the logistics of the day.

Pop some bubbles.

Get the celebrations started!! You have waited a long time for this day and a couple of glasses of bubbly is the perfect way to celebrate and calm some of the pre wedding jitters!


Make sure you eat something.

Ohhh this was a tricky one for me!! I knew I should eat, but I couldn’t! If nerves wreak havoc with your appetite, lay out some small bowls of nibbles and a lovely fruit platter. Try and make your self have a little bit to eat, otherwise (trust me!!) you will be starving well before the canapés are due!

Leave plenty of time.

Make sure that you leave plenty of time for things to run over. That way if anything happens on the morning, that wasn’t expected, you have spare time to play with. Schedule in extra time if you are planning a first look with your Mum and dad, or your Husband-to-be. Make sure, if your dress is a lace up one, or has lots of tiny buttons, that you take this extra dressing time into account. Also if you are doing family photos before the ceremony, make sure there is time set aside for those.

I always recommend you aim to be ready an hour before you leave for the ceremony. That leaves time for a few photos, a last glass of champers, or water, and any final touch ups to hair and makeup.

And for the Grooms…

Surround yourself with friends and family.

The Groom tends to be tasked with any last minute wedding prep, but try and set aside some quality time with friends and family before you head off for the ceremony. Make sure you have some food, treat your self to a couple of drinks and spend some time chatting and relaxing with your closest friends and family.


Treat your Soon-to-be-Wife

It is a really lovely idea to send a little something to your love on the morning of your wedding. It could be a lovely bunch of fresh cut flowers, a bottle of perfume, or a thoughtful letter, telling her how much you love her, some memories of your times together and your feelings on your wedding day.

Allow yourself plenty of time!

You may be a get up, suit up, head out kind of guy, but you only have one wedding day morning. Enjoy not rushing, take some time to get ready and don’t have any stress about getting to the ceremony on time!