Advice for Brides and Grooms - Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, I have experienced many wedding days, and have come to the conclusion that the more relaxed the wedding, the more you and your guests will enjoy yourselves.

Often you have been building up to your wedding day for months, years even and it is easy to get caught up in the finest of details and overwhelmed by the pressure of making sure that every one else has a lovely time.

So here is my advice for a relaxed wedding day.

Plan your wedding day timeline carefully.

A wedding day can be hectic and sometimes there is no way around that! Things tend to happen in a certain order, people need to be in places at certain times, and everything takes longer than you expect it to! Long before the wedding, sit down with your wedding planner or your photographer and ensure that you are all happy with the timeline for your day. It sounds very regimental and not at all relaxed, but trust me, it means on the day every one knows what is happening and with a well planned schedule, there is room for chilling and changing a few things up if necessary! And remember - everything takes longer than you think it will on a wedding day!!

Enjoy getting ready.

This is always one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph. I love the slightly nervous giddiness, the excitement and expectation. Make sure that you have plenty of time to relax, have a trial with your hair and makeup artist to ensure that there is time to do everything they need to, and just enjoy this calm before the excitement of the rest of your day!


Invite people you love.

Simple as that. A wedding is a celebration of love, so surround yourself with people you love and want to spend your day with.


Consider a first look.

A first look works for some couples and not for others. It is very much a personal decision, but one that I will discuss with all of my clients because for the right wedding, they can be a great idea.

A first look means that you have your couple photos taken before the ceremony (rather than after the ceremony as is traditional). This free’s up time during the day, which you can spend with your guests and enjoy the drinks and canapés without being whisked off for a photoshoot. It tends to mean a very relaxed afternoon for everyone and guests are always happy to see more of the Bride and Groom.


Don’t worry about the small stuff

3 months before the wedding, the tiny details may seem like a huge deal… And don’t get me wrong, it is important to enjoy planning these details. However, they are not the be all and end all of your day. If details aren’t in place by the morning of your wedding, don’t worry about them! No one will notice and if you are relaxed and having the time of your life, no one will care about anything else!

Break tradition - Make your own rules.

When you plan a wedding, there are so many things that you are told you “have” to do. Obviously there are certain parts of a wedding day that are fundamental in making it a wedding, but there are also a lot of rules there to be broken!! It is your day - you do it your way!

Take a moment for the two of you.

It is very easy in the rush of a wedding day to not actually spend much time with your new husband or wife. So my advice is, take 15 minutes out to just be the two of you. This could be sneaking off before dinner for a quiet glass of bubbly together, or taking a moment after dinner to go for a romantic sunset photoshoot with your photographer. It gives you a chance to stand back and appreciate each other, and what a fantastic day you are having!


Enjoy Yourselves

Your wedding day is a party just for you - you dont get very many of those in a lifetime! So enjoy it, don’t worry about the little things, party hard and have fun!! I would love to be there to capture it all for you :)