My Style

There are loads of amazing photographers out there, and choosing the right person for you isn’t easy! Here are a few things that make me, Me!!

We’ll have fun together

By my very nature I am fun loving, easy going and relaxed. I always take the time to understand want you want to capture from your wedding day and I work with you to produce photos that are unique to you. On the day, guests will find me very approachable and easy to get along with and I’ll give you the space to enjoy your celebrations. I avoid staged or posed photos, but will give you some gentle direction when taking your portrait shots to make you feel comfortable and happy!

Relax, you’ll look fantastic

Not everyone enjoys having their photo taken, me included! But the truth is that the happiness and elation that you feel on the day will naturally radiate and make you glow. Just relax, enjoy your day and I’ll be standing by to capture you looking at your absolute best.

Ready to join your adventure

From worldwide travel and extreme watersports to crochet and coffee, I love exploring new places and trying new things. If you are planning a wedding with a difference, I’ll help you to create a unique celebration and capture every moment of your adventure as it unfolds.

Weddings Make My Heart Sing

I am a sucker for a love story! I get excited about fun, intimate gatherings with adventurous souls who have oodles of creativity. I love it when a couple creates their own wedding traditions and are focused on just having fun and plenty of laughs with loved ones. But whatever your style, your story is my joy and I will genuinely enjoy hearing about your plans and photographing the day for you.