Why have an Engagement Photoshoot?

You may be wondering, why do an engagement shoot? Well there are several good reasons to have one.

Think of it as a bit of practice for your wedding day. Most people haven’t had a photoshoot in years, and suddenly being forced to get in front of the camera can be a little intimidating. No one needs that kind of stress on their wedding day! Normally, after having an engagement photoshoot, couples realise that is is actually a lot of fun and are much less nervous for their wedding day photography.

An engagement shoot is a lovely way to celebrate your recent engagement, or a great excuse to take some time out of the wedding planning and enjoy spending some time with each other.

It is also nice to have some professional portraits taken, that are maybe a little more relaxed than your wedding photographs. You can wear what you like, go to a place that has a lot of meaning for you, or even have a shoot in the comfort of your own home!