Why wedding photography is so important!

When I got married last year, I thought I had remembered every detail of my wedding day. Yes, it had gone by in a blur, one hundred times quicker than I ever thought it would, but I was still convinced that I would never forget a single detail of the day.

Fast forward one year, one baby, two house moves later, and my fond memories have slowly started to fade. This was when I truly realised just how important my beautiful wedding photos were.

They are not only a record of the wedding day, they capture the absolute joy I had walking down the aisle, the proud (slightly teary!) look on my Dad’s face, the laughter, the dancing, the tiny details that I hadn’t forgotten, but that were lovely to be reminded of.

My wedding photo album is a memory box of emotions, an excuse to sit quietly for ten minutes and relive the wedding day, and further down the line a family heirloom for my children and my children’s children.

THIS is what I want to do for you. This is why I love what I do.

Wedding photography is an investment. But I truly believe it is an investment worth making.