Natural Wedding Photography

My style of wedding photography is not the formal, look straight at the camera style. Nor is it 100% documentary. So what is natural wedding photography? For the most part, I simply want to photograph the day just as it is, photographing the natural moments that happen between people, the laughter, the tears, and all the love. When you and your guests are at your most relaxed. As the wedding day unfolds, I aim to become a part of the wedding party, blending in and capturing the moments of magic that always happen when all the people you love most are in one place.


I start the day with you getting ready.  This is such a special part of the wedding preparations, where the excitement is building up, the nerves are kicking in and the first bottles of bubbles have been popped!  This part of the day I will fit into your party quietly.  I prefer not to interfere too much, but I will offer suggestions, for example where to stand whilst you are getting dressed, to have the best light.  And then I will let the natural moments happen however they play out.  This way, I am confident that I am getting the most beautiful photographs of you, but still capturing the day as it happens.  


As the day continues to the ceremony and the party, I am there to capture the magic of your day.  I fit into a wedding party well, am approachable and relaxed and I feel that this helps people to stay relaxed around me.  Most of the time, your guests won’t even know I am there. 

My aim is to fit into your day as unobtrusively as possible, and to tell your story as it unfolds, capturing all the candid moments without disturbing them.  

When it comes to your couple portraits, this is really the only time that I like to take more creative control.  I do this, because I know how difficult it can be to stand in front of a camera and have photos taken!  Not many of us have photoshoots regularly, and it can be so daunting to suddenly have to perform to a camera! I never put you into awkward poses, but I will gently direct you, to create beautiful, candid style photos, that I know you will love. By suggesting things to do, your natural chemistry comes out and I can capture moments that happen without any further prompting. I love this part of the day, and my couples always say that their photoshoot was a lot of fun. It is such a nice time away from the whole wedding party, where the two of you can be yourselves and enjoy spending a little quiet time together.

relaxed-beach-wedding- bride-and-groom.jpg

My wish for your wedding photography is that you have the story of your day, captured exactly as it was. My hope is that you look back at your wedding photographs for years to come, and remember the joy and love you felt on that day, surrounded by everyone who came together to celebrate with you. I hope that your photos make you smile, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear… I would love to be the one to tell that story.